Soal UTS Ganjil Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6

KLS : VI / Enam
Mata Pelajaran : BAHASA INGGRIS

1. Sita and Nia are eating in the …..
a.      street                              b. yard                          c. market                                d. restaurant

2. Hospital is a place where sick people go to  …..
a.      Docter                            b. medicine                  c. fruit                                    d. treatment

3. A zoo is a place where people go to ….. animals
     a. see                                  b. zoo                           c. tiger                                    d. goes

4. The boat is full of water. It …. to sink
     a. is going                           b. it is book                 c. are going                             d. am going

5. …….. you help me open the window please
     a.Is going to                        b. close the door         c. could                                   d. I am sorry

6. We want to send letter. We will go to the …..
a.   market                           b. park                          c. station                                 d. post office

7. A place to walk, play and relax is …..
     a. post office                       b. zoo                          c. park                                    d. school

8. Vanes is going to eat a soup for ….           
a.   Next                                b. breakfast                 c. time                                    d. tomorrow

9. They are ….…… in the field
a.   Playing                           b. swimming               c. eating                                 d. shopping

10. ..……  we going to picnic, Ded ?
a.   Are                               b.your                            c. is                                        d. am

11. the function of a library is a place to …..  book and magazine
   a. Cook                               b.  sell                                                        d. borrow

12.Fanny and Dion are ……. In front of the school
    a.  swimming                      b. meeting                       c. cooking                              d. dinning

13. The function of a school is a place to……
      a. read                               b. study                        c. sing                                     d. play
14. we are studyng in the …..…… 
    a.  market                           b. class                        c. hospital                                d. post office
15. Post Office is a place where people go to …
      a.send letter                      b. eat meals                c. save money                         d. buy things

         There is a zoo near my town, it is not very big, but is amusing for everyone who goes there. Everyone is happy to see wild animal. There are tiger, elephant, lions, monkeys, deer, snakes, bird, etc.
         Today many people are coming to the zoo. Look! The tiger is sleeping, the deer are eating the grass, the snake is crawling on the ground, the monkey are jumping from the trees and the giraffe is staring at me. I want to give the giraffe some food, but in the cage there is notice says “NO FEEDING”. It means that I must not feed the giraffe. So I cancel to give the food.

16. Is the tiger sleeping ?
17. how is the zoo ?
18. Is everyone happy to see animal ?
19. How many animals are mentioned in the text ?
20. Where is the zoo 

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