Soal UTS Genap Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD/MI

KLS : III (Tiga)
Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris

1. Bahasa inggrisnya SABTU adalah ……
      a. Friday                         b. Saturday                      c. Monday

2. What day is today ? ……… (jumat)
      a.  it is Friday                b. it was Sunday        c. It is Monday
3. I carry many people, I fly high in the sky, I am an …..
     a. Satellite                        b. Rocket                 c.  Aeroplane
4. Today is Friday, what  day is tomorrow ? ……
     a. it is Saturday         b. it was Sunday        c. It was Monday
5. Andi goes to Jakarta by ……
    a. Trishaw                       b. Bicycle                    c. Train
6. what month was last month ? …….
    a. it was Februari          b. it was January       c. it was march
7. I have three wheels, I have no machine, I am a ……..
    a. bicycle                        b. trishaw                     c. Motor cycle
8. What month is it ? ……
    a. it is March                b. it is February                c. it is April
9. we go to the thousand island by yacht. Yang bergaris bawah artinya …….
        a. seribu pulau          b. pulau seribu            c. Pulau-pulau
10. How does Yudha go to park? He …… to the park by bicycle
     a. go                                 b. goes                         c. gone
11. My father  is a driver.  Arti Driver adalah …….
     a. pilot                          b. Sopir                       c . petani
12. What does he do ? …..
    a. He is a Firman         b. She is a Firman      c. I am a Firman
13. We go to Japan by …..  (pesawat)
    a. Rocket                     b. Aeroplane                 c. Satelite
14. The soldiers go yo the war by ….. (kapal selam)
    a. ship                         b. Boat                            c. Submarine
15. What month is next month ?........
    a. it is April                b. it was April                  c. it is march
16. She is nurse. Arti kalimat disamping adalah …….
a. Dia seorang suster                       b. Mereka seorang suster
c. Saya seorang suster
17. the explorer go to the hill by ballon. Explorer artinya …
     a.  Penjelajah                 b. Pembela               c. Pemain
18. Marc 25. What date is it today ……
      a. it is march 25         b. it is February 25       c. it is April 25
19. Hari ini adalah hari minggu Bahasa inggrisnya kalimat disamping adalah…..
   a.Today is Sunday  b. Today is Monday  c.Today is Saturday
20. Ayahku seorang petani. Bahasa inggrisnya adalah :
a. My father is teacher                     b. My father is farmer
c. My mother  is farmer

1. Write in English : Dia (lk) pergi ke sekolah dengan sepeda!

2. Example : soal  : She – singer
                    Jawab : what does she do? She is a singer
a.       You – dancer
b.       He  - teacher
3. she goes to market by trishaw, artikan !

4. Write in English : hari ini adalah hari jumat

5. Artikan kata kata berikut
  Farmer : ___________________
  Trishaw : ____________________
   Dancer : ____________________
  Saturday : ___________________

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